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Rosewood Apothecary / Medicine Box


23 cm (9")
25.5 cm (10")
20.5 cm (8")
Large Rosewood ApothecaryBox with brass corner brackets for added strength and brass flush carrying handles and drawer pull.

The interior of the apothecary box features sixteen labelled glass jars of various sizes, some still with their original contents, housed in lined compartments to ensure safe transit. One or two of the bottles have very minor damage to the stoppers but nothing major

Removing the brass pin on the front edge of the opened apothecary box will allow the front facing drawer to be opened.
This reveals four small glass jars, two beakers, a measuring cylinder, glass mortar & pestle, brass weighing scales and two tin containers.

Here is the list of contents / labeled bottles contained in the fabulous apothecary box and most are by;
T.Maynard - Chemists of Bond Street, Liverpool.

Front row of bottles.
Loves Lavender, contains yellow powder.

Sweet spirit of Nite, contains white crystals / flakes

Ipecacuanha, contains white powder.

Antimonial Wine, virtually a full bottle, light brown liquid.

Jalap Powder, contains almost like tea leaves substance and colour. By Thomas Thompson, Chemist and Druggist. 75 Church-street, Liverpool.

Opodeldoc , traces of dark brown liquid. By Thomas Thompson, Chemist and Druggist. 75 Church-street, Liverpool.

Turkey Rhubarb Powder, has sealed leather top and contains traces of red clay powder.


Middle row.

Camphorated Spirit, has no contents.

Spirit of Sal Volatile, contains cream like powder & crystals.

Tinet of Rhubarb, contains tiny small traces of a pink powder. Has fantastic label that reads: Prepared as derived by the Royal College of Physicians at 'WELDONS' Medical Laboratory, New Bond Street. His Majesty's Chemist.

Huxhams Fr Bark, contains traces of dark dried liquid. Has the same label as the one above.

Paregoric Elixir, contains white rock crystals.

Back row.

Castor Oil, contains small amount.

Best Calclined Magnesia, contains white powder.

Finest Pickled Jamaican Ginger, carefully seperated from the fibrous parts & reduced to a 'FLOUR'. Prepared at Weldons Laboratory ' 97 New Bond Street, LONDON. Has leather seal to top of glass jar. No contents.

Epsom Salts. No contents.

Has the original glass tablet in the back.


Bottom drawer bottles in the back.

Laudanum, contains dried brown liquid. Bottle neck has slight damage.

Rectified Aether, very small traces.

Ess of Peppermint. No contents.

Prepared Calomel, contains white powder.

Antimonial Powder, very small traces of white powder. Has leather seal to top.

Red Reciphitate, contains a rouge type powder.

Rectangular tin has a label; Basilcon.

This fabulous Apothecary / Medicine box is in wonderful original condition, has fantastic patination and comes with a fully working lock and tasselled key.
23 cm (9")
25.5 cm (10")
20.5 cm (8")
c. 1840
Rosewood, Wood, Glass, Brass, Velvet
United Kingdom