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Boxes - Jewellery

Original Antique Jewellery Boxes are quite rare to find. We do come across them from time to time and have some on our website. Most were combination boxes i.e. Vanity Boxes with a Jewellery compartment or some were Sewing boxes with Jewellery compartments. 
Some of the Antique Boxes we purchase have no interiors or they are missing all of their original fittings. So we bring them back to life by hand-making a bespoke jewellery tray or simply lining them. Not only does this give the box a new lease of life but we are giving our customers a box that is unique and cannot be found on the high street. In our opinion these are fantastic value for money - if one of these boxes were to be made today it would cost a small fortune! Our in-house finisher works on all our Jewellery boxes and, use hand-selected top quality cotton silks, leather and marbled paper. By doing this our quality finishes will stand the test of time, making it possible to hand the beautiful boxes on to generations to come. We have been specialising in this for over twenty years, supplying trade, decorators and retail with high quality antique boxes with bespoke interiors. 
All the jewellery boxes purchased from Mark Goodger have been fully restored, loved and looked after. When you purchase yours we sincerely hope you will do the same, after all we are just their safe keepers looking after them for the next generation

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