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Boxes - Sewing

Sewing boxes / Work Boxes, they come in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes, sizes and from the beautiful Georgian period to the simple elegant lines of the Art Deco period. 
When we acquire these lovely boxes it's always a pleasure to see what's inside and how the ladies used each one, we often find many sewing tools, pin cushions, sewing patterns etc and other items we have no idea about, but rest assured every box we purchase we never remove their original contents we feel it's all part of their own history. 
Sewing & embroidery were the main pass-time of Georgian ladies. Their tools & materials were first kept in Sewing Baskets until wooden Sewing Boxes became fashionable around the 1770s. Boxes were often decorated according to the lady's own style & personal tastes, sometimes by the lady herself. Some were also fitted with tools such as tape measures, thread reels & thimbles. 
By the late 1800s, sewing boxes remained popular but the styles became more basic & commercially made. 
All boxes at Mark Goodger are professionally restored using traditional skills all by hand. Purchasing a box from us you can be satisfied in thinking that they have been carefully looked over and only restored where necessary. Buying a box from us not only gives you piece of mind you are buying an original item but our name in the business is being used in Major Auction houses as provenance.

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