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Boxes - Tea Caddies

In England in the 1700s, tea was an expensive commodity. To keep it safe, people would store it in a Tea Chest or Tea Box, which eventually became known as a Tea Caddy (the word caddy is derived from the Malay "Kati", a unit of weight by which tea was sold). As tea was too expensive to risk leaving in the presence of servants, the caddy in which it was stored would generally be kept in the drawing-room. Subsequently, the Tea Caddy became an important & fashionable accessory for the home. Tea Caddies were made in a huge variety of styles and materials. Some contained glass bowls for the sugar, these bowls often etched or superbly cut with wonderful designs. As tea became cheaper in the early 1800s, its use was much more widespread, increasing the demand for tea caddies. However, by the late 1800s when tea could be bought pre-packed, the demand for tea caddies as functional items gradually disappeared. Today Tea Caddies are sought after as decorative pieces, in all shapes & forms. 
Purchasing a Tea Caddy / Tea Chest from us you can be satisfied that they have been carefully examined and assessed, and only restored where absolutely necessary. Buying a box from us not only gives you peace of mind that you are buying a genuine antique but also our name is frequently cited as provenance by Major Auction houses.

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