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Our Story

At Mark Goodger Antiques, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide intricate services and luxury pieces; we’ve spent almost 30 years buying, selling, and lovingly restoring antiques.

What makes us unique is our collective hands-on experience in the antique industry and our skilled and passionate team. Mark, who is devotedly passionate about his crafts and profession, leads his dedicated team of experts, who possess collective hands-on experience in the Antique Industry, gained from handling thousands of antique boxes and accessories over a long period of time.

Our expertise in antiques is second to none. Among our collection are a variety of Antique Boxes, Tea Caddies and Accessories, suitable for decorative or practical purposes, or as an investment. No matter what the occasion, whether it’s a special gift, a lasting memory memento or a treat for yourself, our radiant Antiques will add a touch of sophistication and effortless charm to any setting.