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For the love of tea!

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August 6th 2020

Dear Friends,

First of all a warm welcome to our new subscribers, and as always thank you all for taking time to read our fortnightly newsletter.
Once again a great response to our previous newsletter with sales across the board, huge thanks for your support and custom. Also for your comments and feedback which we always welcome. Several of you have taken advantage of our LAYAWAY payment process making what would normally be out reach purchases more affordable. For more details please contact us here

We have been really busy these last few months gathering up some super collections, not easy during this pandemic but this newsletter we have decided to focus more on our tea caddies. Fruit and unusual tea caddies always come at a premium, so this newsletter you will see some very rare examples again, too many to single out but I know as a dealer starting up in this business wanting to buy fruit tea caddies how hard it was. These fruit caddies are and have always will been costly due to their desirability. Not only that, so many tempting affordably priced fruit caddies turn out to be fake, which in my very early days caught me and cost me a lot of money! However, this was a steep learning curve and I now my very keen eye is very hard to deceive, but still the fakes are getting better and better.
This leads me on to our Bargain Pear! Which could be yours for a snip of what we would normally ask. Now readers of our previous newsletters you know we like to do and try something for you our subscribers, so here goes…

We are asking you what you would be prepared to pay for this super genuine pear tea caddy….
We would normally ask in the region of £3000. I’m not asking for that sum but for insurance purposes you would have to pay £3,500 to replace it.
If your offer is realistic it could be yours! We are giving no time limit on this so please if it’s something you desire contact us, we presume it could be sold soon after the the newsletter goes out.
So here’s your chance to own a super fruit tea caddy at a very affordable price.

WARNING…. dipping your toes into buying highly sought after fruit tea caddies like this can be very addictive!

Remember there is no pressure of a auction and others bidding behind you. It’s also correctly described and comes with our usual authentication certificates, backed up by the fact we belong to top trade associations, have been in the business for over 30 years and collectively have over 100 years experience and are the leading specialists in tea caddies.
So check out the pear and drop us a email or call Mark NOW.
+44 (0) 1604 863 979 Email


The history of tea is infused with myth, philosophy and spirituality.

According to Chinese Legend, Tea was discovered by accident. In 2737 B. C. E. Emperor Shen Nong, a skilled ruler, scientist and herbalist was sitting beneath a tree while his servant boiled some drinking water.
A leaf from the wild tea tree above fell into the water. Shen Nong decided to try the infused water and enjoyed it so much he started researching into the plant further. It’s impossible to know if there is any truth behind this story, however tea had become established in china many centuries before it was even heard of in the west. Containers of tea were found in tombs dating back as far as 206 BC. It was around 700AD during the Tang dynasty that tea become the national drink of China.
In Europe tea doesn’t appear to be mentioned until the mid 16th century. Mostly in relation to Portuguese who were living in the east as traders. However, the first commercial consignment of tea was shipped from China to Holland by the Dutch in 1606. It soon became a fashionable drink and spread across europe, but due to its high price it was a drink for the wealthy.
Britain was late to adopt tea, as the brits had always been suspicious of continental trends. The first known reference to tea in the UK was from a London newspaper advert in 1658 announcing that “China Drink”, Tcha was available to buy at a Coffee house in the city. With coffee being well established already. The marriage of Charles II to Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza is what many believe was the turning point for teas popularity in the UK.
The princess was a tea addict and the drink became fashionable amongst the wealthy classes.
This would see an increase in the popularity of The Tea Caddy. Not only a great way of keeping the tea fresh, but due to its high value, caddies kept the tea locked up away from untrustworthy servants!
While tea became more popular throughout the years and more readily available to all classes, many UK companies started to make their own blends and unique takes on tea as, much like china originally, it became a national drink.

One in particular company was Typhoo, founded by John Sumner Jr. after comments from his sister on the calming effects of tea. The name Typhoo comes from the chinese word for “doctor”.

Original Typhoo Advert alongside a coopered barrel tea caddy

Over the years of collecting and obsessing over tea caddies we have also accrued a large collection of Typhoo original advertising material!
From original advert sketches and TV storyboards…

Packaging mock ups….
to booklets and flyers.
Sometimes the advertising would end up on the product itself! Like this interesting “The Tea Caddy Box” which is a sliding top tea caddy with advertising for the Lebond Tea Company Limited, India.
On the side of the box it states it was “wrapped in “pliofilm” the new waterproof packing.” Which was a revolutionary clear wrapping from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company that was dust proof, water proof, oil proof, germ proof, just about anything proof! Making it perfect for keeping tea fresh during transit as loose tea leaves would often absorb flavours and smells of items it was placed near.
To celebrate our love for tea we have decided to load this newsletter with some excellent tea caddies from our collection.
Click the images below for further details or to make a purchase!

We are listening to your feedback and appreciate some items are a little out of reach, so we are now accepting layaway payment methods.
Contact us for more details about the item you’d like to purchase.

+44 (0) 1604 863979     

Apple in a Basket Caddy
Harewood Oval Caddy
Conch Shell Tea Caddy
Antique Doric Column Caddy
Mother of Pearl Tea Caddy
Antique Tea Chest
Chinese Export Tea Chest
Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy
A selection of other new items we have recently added.
Amboyna Writing Box
Antique Watch Box
Coromandel Jewellery Box
Walker & Hall Cocktail Set
Baccarat Champagne Cooler
Calamander Jewellery Box
Bentley Decanter
Lalique Perch
Looking for something specific don’t forget to use the search bar on our homepage.
Mark helping with another project was asked by Ronati for a online video produced by them for them and us to use where ever we want. Marks first to say he has a face for Radio and hates cameras, so if you want to cringe with Mark please take a peek.

This video comes with an isolation hairstyle warning! ..        


More and more of us are shopping online during these times which has seen a surge in rogues out there keen to prise you of your hard earned money. Please be careful when buying antiques online, fakers have been really busy and making lots of money!
So many flaws hidden by clever photography, added inlays, period caddies re veneered and turned into what appear to be rare unusual designs, these unscrupulous fraudsters giving us dealers a bad name! 
So please, do your homework thoroughly on the person / dealer and the item you are looking to buy.

I am happy to give my opinion and will not charge you for my time especially if you’re a customer of ours. I do this for many of my collectors, after all I am as keen as you to help build the best collection money can buy. 


Following government guidelines we can now open our showroom, this is as always by appointment only. All government guidelines have been taken to make sure your visit is safe. However our online services are still the best way of purchasing.

Certain postal restrictions in place due to the corona virus. Prior to purchasing if you are uncertain of any postal restrictions where you live please get in contact and we will look into it for you.        

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