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Group of Radiator Grill Decanters


Group of Ruddspeed and Classic stable Radiator grill decanters comprise of Mercedes, Bentley, SS Jaguar, Rolls Royce, and Bugatti.

These exquisite car decanters were designed and made by 'Ken Rudd of Ruddspeed Ltd', the tuning company. They first appeared in the 1950's as a series that also included Rolls Royce, SS Jaguar, Bentley, Bugatti and Mercedes and cost between 6 and 7 guineas and offered by luxury department stores such as Harrods. They are fine works of craftsmanship. The cases are heavy chromium-plated metal with realistic and authentic enamel badges. The finish is very high quality with careful detailing, superb chrome-plating. They weigh in at a hefty two and a half pounds in the hand (1.160kg). The rears have a metal plate and are all stamped 'Ruddspeed Ltd (England). Reg. Design'. The decanters themselves are fully functional, with glass-lined interiors and ‘radiator cap’ stoppers. Each metal backing plate contains a cut out ‘sight glass’, whereby the level of contained liquid can be determined.

The Classic Stable decanters were designed and made by Tony Gardiner in the 1960s, these were available by special order only in a choice of finishes, the chrome-plated examples were the pinnacle of the creative genius of the highly skilled craftsmen. The Classic Stable the series included Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Jaguar each costing around 7 guineas each. Their cases are heavy nickelled silver-plated bronze with the authentic enamelled badges and caps. The finish on each is exceptional quality with careful detailing, superb little tasteful works of art. Marked clearly with the factory Classic Stable plaques to the base, each has a slot in the casing at the rear allowing visibility of the boozy contents.