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Happy Easter!

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April 1st 2021



We hope you are all in good health. The sun is shining, the office windows are open and the adjacent field is teeming with life. Rabbits darting along the hedgerows to the sounds of birdsong. The sun feels extra special after what was a very long winter and spring is in full swing. Bringing with it a feeling of rejuvenation, growth and hope.

Here in the UK the lockdown has begun easing with public gatherings being able to go ahead along with various outdoor sports and events. So the weather could not have been timed any better.

Here at the Mark Goodger Antiques HQ we had our first outdoor tea break of the year this week which is always nice.



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Maple Tea Caddy

Rolls Royce Decanter


Walnut Writing Box

Mahogany Tea Chest


Amboyna Jewellery Box

Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy


Coromandel Jewellery Box

Pear Tea Caddy


Secret Decanter Box!

Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy





Many items come in matching pairs. Tea caddies, knife boxes, decanters. However, some seem to be paired by coincidence or something else?!
We have a few examples of this quite unusual phenomenon.
This first example of tented top tortoiseshell tea caddies.



Aside from the obvious differences in the veneer, they are almost identical despite coming from two different manufacturers.



Whether this was a particular trend or the favoured style of tea caddy, it strikes us as very unusual that they are so similar.
We have another pair of tortoiseshell tea caddies that are almost identical…



Again, the tortoiseshell panels the most obvious difference, with this being unique to every tortoiseshell item, and the escutcheons are different. However, the feet and mounted silver are near identical. The interesting thing we found when looking at these caddies is the manufacturers were on adjacent streets in the Birmingham Jewellery District. (Deakin & Francis are still there today!)



Again we are not sure whether this is just a coincidence or a collaboration between the two companies, or even a competitive angle. Where one caddy design would be a “copy” of another.
We would love to be able to put our finger on the exact reason why these “pairs” are exactly that, but all we can do is speculate.
Either way, we think they look great together!



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It started with a sewing box.

It was the most beautiful thing.  A random eBay discovery.  Rosewood and other mixed woods, completely inalid and of the finest quality.  There was even some provenance written in the bottom each time it was gifted down the generations.  It dated to about 1870 and was in pristine condition.  It had obviously been cherished.  We were hooked.
From there it progressed. One discovery after the next, but we basically knew nothing about these pieces, where they came from, or their history.  That would soon change.

I can’t tell you exactly what the next piece to grace the collection was, but it may have been a French kingwood and rosewood table or dresser box that contained the most exquisite Baccarat crystal perfume bottles.  After that we discovered English regency.  Glorious regency.  Then William IV.  This soon became our focus, and we have built a wonderful collection.  Some scrupulously restored, some all original, but each one more amazing than the last.  Fabulous fitted sewing boxes complete with tools and reels.  Tea caddies with fine inlay and cut crystal mixing bowls, even a rare sewing box made near Niagara in Canada.  A gift to a much-loved sister from the Vicar of Cromford in 1833.


Some of the sewing boxes available on our webshop


While both my husband and I very much enjoy collecting the pieces, and I’ve been a collector of miscellaneous things for decades, it’s the history of these pieces that most absorbs me.  I am particularly thrilled if we find a piece that I can trace back through the ages, like the Niagara piece, or another that sports a plaque from when it was dedicated to a much-loved teacher by her students.  I gradually learned to be able to date the pieces I came across, and to help others identify their pieces and where and when they might have been made.  I’ve even recently begun a small Facebook group for other box lovers such as us.

The journey has not been without pitfalls.  We have run into quite a few unscrupulous dealers who don’t disclose damage or oftentimes poor restorations, or the “strip and lacquer” types who care not for the history of the piece, but rather for turning it into something brand new looking that they can make a bit of quick cash on as they turn it over without regard to the damage they are doing to something that has come through potentially 200 years of time.  We have purchased more than one piece we have later come to regret after it arrived home.  We have found it pays to look closely and ask questions about each piece one is considering, but mostly it pays to buy from reputable dealers.  If you see one who is simply stripping box interiors to reline with marbled papers and sell on, I would say they may be one you want to avoid.

We are grateful for all the amazing pieces Mark has helped us add to our collection.  Not only that, but he has done some truly amazing restoration work for us.  We are all about saving history.  Sometimes sewing box interiors are too far gone to save.  They don’t always come through the years having been well cared for.  But Mark and his team know exactly what “sympathetic” restoration means. 



Mark and the team are masters of their trade.  Highly skilled and really the only ones we entirely trust to work on these pieces.  We will continue to look to Mark to provide and restore only the finest quality pieces for our collection.

To think that it all started with a sewing box.


Huge thanks Alyson for this lovely article and insight into your world of collecting, something that we must mention is our collaboration on your project above, the replaced ruching of the silk panel which we know took you hours of work, and what a wonderful piece of work this is. xxx



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Founded By Dealers for Dealers


We are very excited to announce we are now part of a new website platform founded by Dealers for Dealers. 2Covet have some really exciting ideas and we are pleased to be part of their journey together. More hot off the press news will be revealed in our next newsletter.

2Covet provides a transparent, reliable marketplace that connects world-renowned dealers and their most exceptional pieces with discerning buyers and collectors, in order to foster mutually beneficial relationships.



2covet has also taken over The Chelsea Antiques fair.

The Date has now been announced for Sept 21-26.

Chelsea is the longest established event of its kind having run consecutively since 1951. The proposed 2021 Fair will host around 30 dealers, initially inviting 2Covet members and former Chelsea exhibitors. Displays will reflect the stunning architecture in the newly refurbished Chelsea Old Town Hall, adding style and elegance to the event, which is anticipated to be open for seven days, Monday to Sunday, offering a sumptuous selection of art and antiques accompanied by tempting food and drink.

More information can be found HERE



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A warning about fakes!

More and more of us are shopping online during these times, which has unfortunately seen a surge in rogues out there keen to prise you of your hard-earned money. Please be careful when buying antiques online, fakers have been extremely busy and making lots of money!

So many flaws hidden by clever photography, added inlays, period caddies re-veneered and turned into what appear to be rare unusual designs – these unscrupulous fraudsters giving us dealers a bad name! 
So please, do your homework thoroughly on the person/dealer and the item you are looking to buy.

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