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Lockdown Quiz

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May 14th 2020
Dear Friends,

Huge thanks to all of you that are helping us continue running our business as normal as possible, especially those of you who purchased from us. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, the response from our newsletter has been immense, keeping us on our toes, emails back and forth, questions regarding items prior to purchase and some super deals being snapped up too. Our flash sales have almost come to to an end, those of you that were quick off the mark to grab them well done.      

The NHS auction for the Oyster dish has been FANTASTIC thank you to all who have bid so far. Currently the bid is at £450.00 by bidder 010, bidder 010 has been very keen and was out bid on several occasions as you can see on the listing. Once this auction has finished and the lucky winner has been contacted and payment sent for the NHS ,we will add proof of payment to the next newsletter.

Still time to get your bid in before the auction ends at 16:00 GMT on the 15th of May.

Some new items added to our inventory!
  Sterling Silver Banana
  Satinwood Tea caddy
  Ivory Chamberstick
  Antique Sewing Companion
  Palais Royal Sewing Box
  Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker
  Miniature Ivory Basket
  Antique Walnut Jewellery Watch Box
  Antique Billiards Table
  Palais Royal Etui
  Amboyna Tea Cadddy
  Miniature Work Box
Alternatively, if you are looking for something specific don’t forget to use the search bar on our new homepage.
Lockdown Quiz  

We thought we would test your knowledge, for every correct answer you will receive 1% discount off all items on our website. Submit your answers by clicking on the red submit bar at the bottom, you will be emailed a reply of how many answers are correct and given a unique discount code for each one. All the answers will be revealed in our follwing news letter.  

1) Can you name all the companies Mark worked for before he started his business in 1998. Bonus point for the world famous company. 

2) What is the other name for Harewood

3) Where was the name of Tea Caddy derived? And for what reason.

4) What is whitewood

5) Identify the wood “Game bird”

6) When did Asprey receive their first warrant, by whom and for what? 

7) A name for a mystical wood used decoratively on several of our boxes.    

8) Anagram and clue; Poet, retailer & cabinet maker JNNTGEBAME OEGGRE

9) Rene Lalique famous for their glass sculpture and Car mascots, but who did they partner up with to show them at their very best even at night.

10) The maker “David Edwards” were absorbed by company and in what year? 

11) What is a glass caddy bowl for? 

12) How many english fruit shaped tea caddies do we have for sale on our website? 

13) Hukin & Heath made for which famous designer?

14) Prior to the introduction of street letter boxes in the uk in 1853 a letter would be posted by taking it to a receiving house or a person known as the ? and how did he alert people he was around ? 

15) What Spa town is famous for there intricate wooden wares?

16) What did we win an award for in 2016? 

17) What is Papier Mache? 

18) What is another name for a winding clamp, often found in sewing boxes?

19) What do we have with three eastern horseman? 

20) What is encrusted in the letter “G”        

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Following government guidelines we are still no longer taking appointments at our showroom. Our online services are still operating but there are certain postal restrictions in place due to the coronavirus. Prior to purchasing if you are uncertain of any postal restrictions where you live please get in contact and we will look into it.        

Tel +44 (0) 1604 863 979
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Still time to Bid…!

This fabulous item we are putting up for sale to the highest bidder, all 100% of the proceeds will go to the fabulous NHS.. As a father with a daughter “Mia” (who some of you have met and seen at fairs) working on the front line of a private nursing home, being told some heart aching stories as she breaks down, is really hard in itself. All I want to do is give her a huge hug but social distancing does not allow me to do this, although we live under the same roof. She loves her job despite these new challenges and caring for others is what she’s good at. She said to me the other day when supplies of PPE were low and I suggested she not go back to work until its in place for your protection, “Dad our residents need care and love more than any other time, if all us carers thought like that then poor residents / patients would suffer even more, its especially hard as it is as they can’t see their loved ones”. Thats my Angel Mia and our little story.

This auction is for all the wonderful carers on the front line, from us to you all. xxx

Email us your bid or click on the item and send us your bid through our website using the blue inquiry button. After we receive your bid you will be given a paddle number. Your bid and paddle number will be added to the items page. This auction will run from Friday 1st until Friday 15th. The winning bidder will be notified and be sent details of how to donate or pay us soon after the auction.  
We will keep you updated as best we can via these newsletters, but if you have the means to follow our social media accounts please do and don’t forget to say hello.

Mark Goodger Antiques
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Thank you to everyone who has grabbed themselves a bargain during our flash sale. Just two more items left running until the end of today. Please click on the item of interest and send us your  ENQUIRY  via the items page. 
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Mark Goodger
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