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April 15th 2021
Dear readers.
We hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and managed to enjoy some of the lovely weather before this rather bizarre turn! Here in the UK we are currently experiencing snow, rain, and blazing sunshine all in the space of a few hours!

This week sees the beginning of the end. The lockdown is easing, shops, hairdressers, gyms and pub gardens are re-opening and there is an all-round good vibe in the air.

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You can run, but you can’t hide. Whenever you open a newspaper or magazine, switch on a radio, fire up the lap-top, there it is – the S-word.
S for what? Sustainability, of course – a term that wraps up plenty of red-hot topics. Conservation and continuity. Environmental awareness, recycling, preservation of scarce natural resources. Reducing or eliminating carbon emissions. Eliminating waste. In a nutshell, not sacrificing the future of our planet for quick wins in the present.
All very laudable and worthy, no doubt, but what has this to do with collecting antiques, bibelots and other objects of desire? The answer is quite a lot.
The history of collecting goes back into the mists of time, but in the modern sense it probably dates from the fashion in Renaissance Europe for what came to be known as ‘cabinets of curiosities.’
These were a mixture of natural and man-made treasures that were accumulated by noblemen and prosperous merchants. Apart from providing a diversion for the collector, they could be used to amuse, impress and enlighten visitors. The British soon leapt on this bandwagon, and by the eighteenth-century collecting had become very much a ‘thing’ – indeed many of our great museums were founded on the back of bequests from benevolent collectors. Probably the most famous of these was Sir Hans Sloane, whose gift to the nation of a mind-boggling 71,000 items provided the foundations for three of our greatest institutions, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the British Library.
Sloane’s collections, and many others that succeeded them, have been seen and appreciated by millions of people over hundreds of years. And while, in the interests of marital harmony, few of us could contemplate amassing a hoard on that scale, many of the principles that actuated him underlie our own collections today.
The ownership of something old, attractive and rare is a form of trust. It is both a sobering and a cheering thought that the fabulous tea-caddy, vanity box or art deco figurine you bought from Mark Goodger (at least I hope you bought it from him) will almost certainly outlive you. Or in the words of a famous watch advertisement, you’re just looking after it for the next generation.
For those who care about such things, and we should all care a little, the acquisition and custody of antique and vintage pieces goes a long way beyond self-gratification. You are preserving a tiny part of our heritage. You have raised your sights from the immediate to the distant, both past and future. Every object tells its own small story about our history, not just for you but for all those you allow to share your enthusiasm – and for those yet to come.
Many old things are not mere ornaments but have practical uses today. By acquiring an 1890s game-box or a 1930s decanter, you are exemplifying one of the key tenets of sustainability – longevity.
In terms of manufacturing, sustainability is the antithesis of built-in obsolescence. It is the notion that investing in the skills practised by our forefathers makes far more sense than splurging good money on some gimcrack modern equivalent. It breathes life into the old expression ‘I always buy the best – I can’t afford anything less.’
But how can you be sure you are getting the best – or at least, the best you can afford? This is where top-class dealers like Mark come in. Sadly there are lots of fakes out there. Yes, you may get lucky at a car-boot sale, or buying from some unknown character on an auction site. Perhaps Mark will charge you a little more. But you have the assurance that the objects he handles, and the clients he sells them to, really matter to him. Once he gets to know what kind of thing appeals to you, he has both the expertise and the motivation to deliver – which is sound business sense as well as good ethics. On the other hand, that bargain you were offered elsewhere may not look quite such a smart purchase once you get it home. When the great engineer Sir Henry Royce was challenged about the cost of his cars, he famously replied: ‘The quality will remain when the price is forgotten.’ How right he was.
An artefact from a bygone age isn’t precious just because of its monetary value, or even its links to past times. It’s also a symbol of where we need to be going in future: preserving, if necessary restoring, our prized possessions, celebrating their design and workmanship, using them as their makers intended – or even repurposing them for a different application. This is the very essence of sustainability.
Manufacturing depletes natural resources and spews carbon emissions into the atmosphere. That doesn’t mean we can, or should, live without our smartphones, tablets and other modern miracles. But it does mean we need to pause and take stock – to prioritise longevity over novelty, craftsmanship over mass production, the enduring over the ephemeral. As collectors, conservators and curators, we are in the vanguard of a movement that has a long way still to go.
So whether it’s books, stamps, coins, Georgian clocks or Edwardian silver – or exquisite cabinets from Mark Goodger – in our own small way we’re doing our bit to save the planet. What a very reassuring thought.
Special thanks John for this super thought-provoking article.

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2covet has also taken over The Chelsea Antiques fair.

The Date has now been announced for Sept 21-26.

Chelsea is the longest established event of its kind having run consecutively since 1951. The proposed 2021 Fair will host around 30 dealers, initially inviting 2Covet members and former Chelsea exhibitors. Displays will reflect the stunning architecture in the newly refurbished Chelsea Old Town Hall, adding style and elegance to the event, which is anticipated to be open for seven days, Monday to Sunday, offering a sumptuous selection of art and antiques accompanied by tempting food and drink.

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More and more of us are shopping online during these times, which has unfortunately seen a surge in rogues out there keen to prise you of your hard-earned money. Please be careful when buying antiques online, fakers have been extremely busy and making lots of money!

So many flaws hidden by clever photography, added inlays, period caddies re-veneered and turned into what appear to be rare unusual designs – these unscrupulous fraudsters giving us dealers a bad name! 
So please, do your homework thoroughly on the person/dealer and the item you are looking to buy.

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