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May 28th 2020
Dear Friends,

This morning I awoke to hear the Cuckoo, very distinctive bird call and never fails to put a smile on my face. It inspired me to have a read about this interesting bird. The Cuckoo lays its eggs in other birds nests, matching its egg to almost the same colour and size of the unsuspecting bird it lays its egg next to, 20% are discovered and rejected, those that arent will then be sat on and hatched and brought up as their own. The Cuckoo instinctively travels back to Africa each September to avoid cold periods and lack of food during the winter, and whilst the spend 9 months of their time there they never sing.

Very fortunate that my office window gives me splendid views, one in particular is of six wind turbines about a mile away, like modern art, opinion on them is always divided. In the distance I can hear a train and my doggy “Roxy” barking at sheep in a neighbouring paddock, they know she’s a soft touch, I say sheep they’re Rams “Tom, Dick & Harry” resting after they’ve done their work, evidence of there handy work is the skipping lambs in the fields. The joys of living in the countryside.
Roxy comes to work with me everyday and as soon as she hears the rattle of my keys she’s at the front door waiting for me, if I even mention the word Van, she’s off and can’t wait to go to work. She’s been great company and helped me get through this pandemic.     
Lockdown seems to be easing here now, huge relief to us all. But not forgetting the reason why we have all had to endure strict procedures across the world in these surreal times. My heart and well wishes goes out to all those that have been affected by this Killer virus. I have been very fortunate and lucky that I have been able to continue to do some work, thanks to the wonderful internet. All my staff will be returning June 1st so our stalled engine should be fully operational once again, with all the social distancing procedures and anti bac gel all in place, the new norm.         

Once again a huge thanks to all our bidders that helped to raise £500, our winner paddle number 090 was they lucky winner and fortunately for them huge Oyster connoisseurs. All proceeds were sent to the NHS giving website where it was topped up by another £125.00 so total raised £625. Thanks again.

Some new items added to our inventory!
  Green Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy
  Paperscroll Sewing Box
  Antique Satinwood Tea Caddy
  Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy
  Art Deco Silver Tea Caddy
  Antique Jewellery Phone Box
  Boulle Picture Frame
  Coromandel Perfume Bottle Box
  Art Deco Silver Wine Cooler
  Tortoiseshell tea Caddy
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Medicines of the past, tried tested and fingers crossed. 
Apothecary or medicine chests were used in the age of ‘heroic’ medicine – this was pre-scientific medicine that was largely unproven and may have been likely to do the patient more harm than good! Interesting substances we find in chests include mercury and laudanum, a tincture of opium! Chests often included a manual containing a list of contents and how to use them, as well as directions on purging, bloodletting, blistering and resuscitation. Earlier chests were mostly in shagreen and often had sliding covers, fitted tin boxes, and a bottle / jar rack. Wooden chests in oak and walnut became popular in the late 1700s, then rosewood and mahogany in the 1800s. Chests with lids generally date from the late 1700s and eventually declined in popularity, coming back into fashion in the mid to late 1800s. Chests with brass flush handles in the military style were fashionable from the 1820s.

We have three examples in stock, each one is a true representation of their time.   

  Antique Medicine Chest
  Military Apothecary Box
  Duke of York Medicine Chest
Here are the answers to the quiz in the previous newsletter.
There were some particularly difficult questions in there, yet someone still managed to get an impressive score of 18/20! Do click on the highlighted links to view the items.

1) Can you name all the companies Mark worked for before he started his business in 1998. Bonus point for the world famous company.
Adrian Hornsey, Thornborough Antiques and the famous one “Marshall speakers” although only there for less than a month before being snapped up by Simon & Kate Kunzer of Thornborough Antiques. 

2) What is the other name for Harewood?
Sycamore / Maple

3) Where was the name of Tea Caddy derived? And for what reason? 
The chinese Word “Kati” which refers to the weight a pound and a quarter of Tea.

4) What is whitewood?
Holly / Chestnut / Sycamore / Spruce

5) Identify the wood “Game bird”.
Partridge Wood

6) When did Asprey receive their first warrant, by whom and for what? 
Queen Victoria in 1862 for Dressing cases

7) A name for a mystical wood used decoratively on several of our boxes.  
Blackthorn also used for Wizard sticks.

8) Anagram and clue; Poet, retailer & cabinet maker JNNTGEBAME OEGGRE
George Betjemann

9) Rene Lalique famous for their glass sculpture and Car mascots, but who did they partner up with to show them at their very best even at night.
Breves Mounts

10) The maker “David Edwards” were absorbed by company and in what year?
Asprey 1859

11) What is a glass caddy bowl for?
Sugar not for blending. 

12) How many english fruit shaped tea caddies do we have for sale on our website?
We have no English Fruit shaped tea caddies as they’re all continental.

13) Hukin & Heath made for which famous designer?
Christopher Dresser

14) Prior to the introduction of street letter boxes in the uk in 1853 a letter would be posted by taking it to a receiving house or a person known as the? and how did he alert people he was around?
Bellman, who also donned a uniform and walked the streets ringing a bell to alert people of his presence.

15) What Spa town is famous for there intricate wooden wares?
Tonbridge Wells

16) What did we win an award for in 2016?
Our superb pair of Henry Clay tea Caddies presented at the LAPADA Fair.

17) What is Papier Mache?
Paper soaked and pulped using boiling water and paper to which glue is added.

18) What is another name for a winding clamp, often found in sewing boxes?
Swift or Sewing Bird

19) What do we have with three eastern horseman?
A fabulous coromandel writing box by J.W. fuller

20) What is encrusted in the letter “G”? 
Magnificent Coromandel Vanity Box 

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