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Drinks and Entertaining

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September 17th 2020

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Summer is almost over here in the UK but once again we are experiencing another mini-heatwave before the autumnal weather arrives. Our previous newsletter was well received with sales across the board, so huge thanks for your support and custom. Another thank you for your comments and feedback, which we always welcome.

Many have now taken advantage of our LAYAWAY payment process; making what would normally be outreach purchases more affordable. For more details, please contact us here sales@markgoodger.co.uk

Olympia Winter Art & Antique Fair
30 YEARS of this prestigious fair, so it’s not one to be missed!

The fair is London’s last important art and antiques fair before Christmas and attracts thousands of collectors, connoisseurs, interior designers and canny Christmas shoppers. There are over 20,000 objects of outstanding quality and the winter nights give the event a seasonal sparkle and luxurious atmosphere.

Discover over 70 of the UK’s top art and antique dealers selling everything from diamonds to dining tables and from decorative objects to ceramics. 

Offering an extraordinary choice for anyone looking to create stylish interiors, find one-off gifts or add to collections.

With the announcement of the cancellation of the Antiques for Everyone Winter exhibition, The Art & Antiques Fair will be the last and only exhibition we will be attending this year.!
If you ever miss a newsletter or are a new subscriber – our previous newsletters can be found in the “catalogue” section or our website; they are added a few days after the initial email as we like to give you, our subscribers, the first look.

Drinks and Entertaining

The consumption of alcoholic beverages dates back as far a 6000BC! Whether it be for medicinal, social or ritual purposes, it has always played a big part in society.
Many people enjoyed a tipple to help them unwind at the end of a stressful day or when taking some time out on holiday. However, with holidays initially being reserved for the higher classes and not a popular pursuit of the general public – there was a chance that the comforts of home may not be present at one’s destination.
So what better way to ensure your destination has your favourite drink available, than to take it with you!

A decanter box was the perfect solution to this. These sturdy boxes are commonly a solid mahogany carcass veneered with beautiful veneers including exotic woods. A lined interior holds the decanters firmly and helps to prevent any damage in transit.

Decanter boxes would often have brass carry handles which made transport easier. Brass edging or strengthening brackets are there to help the box hold up against the rigours of life on the road.
Some would even contain spirit glass housed inside with the decanters. This meant that everything was available for a quick snifter whilst travelling!

Some decanter boxes would be much more simple in design and have no veneer. These are military campaign boxes.

Usually made from solid mahogany these would need to be tough for life on the battlefield. Strictly function over form so the high ranking officials could enjoy a drink in whichever corner of the world they found themselves.

If one was entertaining from home another great item for serving refreshments is the Tantalus. Named after the Mythological Greek King whos name means to tantalise.

Tantalus would often be invited to dinner with the gods on Mt. Olympus. However, his mischievous nature, stealing food and attempts to trick the Gods with a test landed him in serious trouble, and his punishment was to spend eternity thirsty and hungry!

The Greeks use the proverb “Tantalean punishments” in reference to those who have good things but are forbidden to use them
The tantalus is a great addition to dinner parties or social events, offering a drinks service that can be carried to any part of the house, and presented with style. When finished with, they can be easily secured to prevent unwanted consumption of its contents by untoward servants.
The idea of the tantalus has remained the same for many years with just a few changes to the aesthetics. Many of the Art Deco period tantaluses tried different designs and mechanisms, but the main function of them remained the same.
Despite being around since the early 1800s, cocktails didn’t become mainstream until the early 1900s.
The art deco period saw a rise in the popularity of cocktails during the prohibition era in the united states, after a shift from the consumption of whiskey to gin due to it being easier to produce for bootleggers. 
It was mixed fruit juices, honey, and other sweet flavourings to hide the taste of inferior liquors. Like many US trends, cocktails soon made their way to the UK.
Cocktails became the centrepiece for parties after the prohibition era and people began throwing parties around the theme of cocktails. This saw a rise in cocktail shakers and sets for those who wanted to entertain guests with this latest trend.
Alongside traditional barware such as wine and champagne coolers.
Cocktail parties and other social events would also incorporate other social activities such as smoking. The art deco period saw a climb in the popularity of cigar cases and compendiums…
match strikers, boxes and humidors.
Here at Mark Goodger Antiques, we have a great selection of art deco items that are perfect for entertaining guests and stylish accessories to spiff up any room!
We are listening to your feedback and appreciate some items are a little out of reach, so we are now accepting layaway payment methods.
Contact us for more details about the item you’d like to purchase.

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Thuya Jewellery Trinket Box
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Hukin & Heath Decanter Tantalus Frames
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Mark helping with another project was asked by Ronati for an online video produced by them for them and us to use where ever we want. Mark’s first to say he has a face for Radio and hates cameras, so if you want to cringe with Mark please take a peek.

This video comes with an isolation hairstyle warning! ..        


More and more of us are shopping online during these times, which has unfortunately seen a surge in rogues out there keen to prise you of your hard-earned money. Please be careful when buying antiques online, fakers have been extremely busy and making lots of money!

So many flaws hidden by clever photography, added inlays, period caddies re-veneered and turned into what appear to be rare unusual designs – these unscrupulous fraudsters giving us dealers a bad name! 
So please, do your homework thoroughly on the person/dealer and the item you are looking to buy.

I am happy to give my opinion and will not charge you for my time especially if you’re a customer of ours. I do this for many of my collectors, after all, I am as keen as you to help build the best collection money can buy. 


Following government guidelines our showroom is now open, this is as always by appointment only. All government guidelines have been taken to make sure your visit is safe. However, our online services are still the best way of purchasing.

Certain postal restrictions in place due to the coronavirus. Prior to purchasing, if you are uncertain of any postal restrictions where you live please get in contact and we will look into it for you.        

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