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Heat Wave

July 2nd 2020
Dear Friends,

Welcome to our July Newsletter, as always thank you for your continued support and purchases we very much appreciate it. 

Whilst writing this looking out of window at the beautiful blue sky, the temperatures rising and on record the hottest day of the year to date, temperatures reaching as high as 32.6C. Thankfully here at Mark Goodgers HQ we have the luxury of air con, with good weather the feel good factor in full affect. Me and the team working hard as ever, a real Buzz in the air since returning from Lockdown, all the team firing on all cylinders. Although no trade fairs to visit we are being inundated with goods, our reach and being well known within the industry for what we do is great, but only a select few of these carefully chosen items make the cut, some of which you will see added to this newsletter but plenty more on the website and to be added to the website every week, so please keep checking in..!  

Don’t forget if you cant see an item or are frantically searching for something you can’t find, do let us know as we may well have it in stock or we can source it for you.    

Our Summer Olympia exhibition was scheduled last week, very much missed in our calendar of exhibitions, as this could not go ahead below are some pics of last years being our biggest stand to date, with that in mind I called in the cavalry and another one of my secret weapons my Son Jake, great having him down for a couple of days giving us a hand on one of his very rare days off. With fairs currently unable to take place, more organisers are coming up with new ideas to help us, so one idea is a Virtual fair run by MaD Events (Antiques For Everyone) the Exhibition will open on the day we would’ve opened our Summer Fair (July 19th) and will last for 5 weeks, to the end of August, we will of course give you all the details and links to this virtual fair  in the next newsletter. 

We are listening to your feedback and appreciate some items are a little out of reach, so we are now accepting layaway payment methods. Contact us for more details about the item you’d like to purchase. 
Some new items added to our inventory!
Antique Candle Box
Art Deco Lemonade Jug
Silver Tea Set
Antique Trunk Cigar Box
Antique Nutmeg Grater
Cigar Smokers Compendium
Amboyna Tea Caddy
Bacarrat Ice Bucket
WWII Aeroplanes
Coromandel Jewellery Box
Walnut Jewellery Box
Cocktail Shaker Set
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Mark helping with another project was asked by Ronati for a online video produced by them for them and us to use where ever we want. Marks first to say he has a face for Radio and hates cameras, so if you want to cringe with Mark please take a peek.

This video comes with an isolation hairstyle warning! ..        

Transform a room with purpose and elegant conversation pieces..!

Although generally referred to as “knife” boxes, these boxes were designed to house sets of cutlery. Tall and narrow, they have slanted lids which open to reveal a fitted slotted deck. The first knife box dates from around the late 1600s but the style did not become a familiar household accessory until around the mid 1700s. It was around this time that eating and drinking were evolving into an occasion, rather than a necessity. Sets of cutlery started to become a desirable, fashionable accessory.
Interestingly, prior to this, hosts didn’t provide cutlery for their guests, it was normal to have your own and take them with you wherever you went! Knife boxes were not only functional but also an elegant home accessory to be displayed on the sideboard.
Pairs of knife boxes became highly popular following the fashion of neoclassicism and symmetry.  The urn was a fashionable shape around this time and began to feature in the home and garden in various forms. This led to the creation of the highly sought-after knife urn. Today knife boxes can be found in various woods and very rarely, shagreen (or chagrin, as it was called then).

Richard Gillow, son of founding member Robert Gillow, was recorded as saying knife urns were expensive, difficult and time-consuming to make – the expense being due to significant wastage of wood in creating the urn shape, hence their rarity and value today.


Following government guidelines we can now open our showroom, this is as always by appointment only. All government guidelines have been taken to make sure your visit is safe. However our online services are still the best way of purchasing.

Certain postal restrictions in place due to the corona virus. Prior to purchasing if you are uncertain of any postal restrictions where you live please get in contact and we will look into it for you.        

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We are listening to your feedback and appreciate some items are a little out of reach, so we are now accepting layaway payment methods. Contact us for more details about the item you’d like to purchase.     

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